2019 is underway and already it looks like being a busy year with lots happening in our school. This year we have 301 students in 15 classrooms with 44 staff. This year we welcomed 4 new staff members.

 In 2019 we have also continued a number of new initiatives started over the last few years. We have continued a journey into becoming a Professional Learning Community (PLC), a community where everyone takes responsibility for the learning of every child, a community where our staff endeavour to be the best teachers they can be and a community where all students are given the maximum opportunity to learn.  This journey is a continuation of our RtI- Response to Intervention program we were implementing for the last 6 years. This program looks at everything we do to help children reach their fullest potential and assesses how well we are doing with these programs.

 Our school also has a continued focus this year to improve the wellbeing of all our students and will do so by continuing to develop the Resilience project. This project focuses on the 4 pillars of Empathy, Mindfulness, Gratitude and Emotional Literacy and we will be specifically looking at improve the Resilience & mental health of the students under our care. We also will be implementing the I can Imagination Club Program for those students who struggle socially and we are certainly looking forward to this new initiative.

Yours sincerely,

Michael McKenzie